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Teenager Car Insurance

So, you are a new driver and even worse a teenager, insurance companies as a rule treat you as a high risk customer, one piece of advice would be to get yourself on an advanced driving course , this will bode well with the insurance companies when insuring your new car>

Shared Car Insurance

This is an easy option , get insurance on your parents car insurance, it is risky though as have a crash and your parents insurance premium may increase if you do.  Some clever insurance companies now let named drivers on a policy to accrue no claims bonus's. So why not visit insurance companies like Direct Line, who offer this service to their customers.

Third Party Only

The most basic cover commonly offered. You get nothing, but the person you hit gets their car fixed and any compensation paid for.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

As above but it also covers your car against theft or fire damage.

Fully Comprehensive

Costs around twice as much as third party, fi re and theft, but your car will be repaired or replaced even if the accident is your fault. Worth having for newer, more expensive cars. Many finance companies insist on it.