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Guide to Cheaper Car Insurance

So how do you get car insurance cover for less? The quick  answer is to ring around... lots. Talking to insurance companies is tedious and often frustrating, but the more you ring, the more money you’ll save. So, put aside an afternoon, grab your comfy chair and make them work for your money.

You might save a few hundred quid for a few hours work – not even estate agents earn that rate. Ringing round works because insurance is competitive, highly profitable and they want your business. Badly enough in most cases to offer an introductory discount, knowing that your desire for an easy life will let them whack up the price next year without complaint.

Make sure you only get cover for what you want. Plenty of policies include ‘free’ breakdown cover, legal advice etc. It’s not really free of course, so ask for a quote without it and stand your ground when they say they can’t - chances are they can. Especially if you’re the kind of low risk driver they dream about. The other way to cut insurance costs is to pay for it in one go.

Most companies offer an instalment plan, but the interest rates can be even higher than paying by credit card. Whatever the cost, don’t even think about driving without insurance. At best you’ll get nicked before you do some damage – a hefty fine and six or more points on your licence. Damage caused by uninsured drivers is one of the reasons we all pay so much for cover in the first place.

Should I use Comparison Sites?
The simple answer is , depends on how much time you have.  Your initial call should be with companies like money supermarket , or confused.com , punch in your details and see what comes back.  Be careful when comparing car insurance, as most companies offer slight variations and you end up not comparing like for like.

Once you have found a company who can offer you the cheapest car insurance, why not visit their website directly, they may offer it cheaper to direct customers (no need to pay referral fees to the comparison sites) , however most will be the same and some could be more expensive.


Third Party Only

The most basic cover commonly offered. You get nothing, but the person you hit gets their car fixed and any compensation paid for.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

As above but it also covers your car against theft or fire damage.

Fully Comprehensive

Costs around twice as much as third party, fi re and theft, but your car will be repaired or replaced even if the accident is your fault. Worth having for newer, more expensive cars. Many finance companies insist on it.