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Contract Hire

The most popular option for the business user, contract hire offers fixed and inflation proof vehicle funding with optimum cash flow.  Administration is kept to a minimum, company drivers have security and guaranteed mobility and the company receives the benefit of 'off balance sheet' funding.

Choose the vehicle you want at the annual mileage you require and tailor the package to suit your needs.  Millennium Finance will then acquire the vehicle for you and deliver it to any UK address of your choice.

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Contract Purchase (Personal & Business)

Contract Purchase gives you (private or non-VAT registered business) the opportunity of buying a new or nearly new car or commercial vehicle at a low monthly cost.  Once the agreement is finished, the car can be bought at a pre-determined price, or you can start a new contract and return the vehicle.  This contract can include maintenance.

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Hire Purchase/Lease Purchase

Hire purchase enables you to buy a vehicle over a pre-determined period (usually 1-5 years).  Once all the payments have been made, title of the vehicle transfers to you.  Lease purchase can have a "balloon" or lump sum payment at the end of the agreement to reduce the monthly repayments.  Both these options retain flexibility during the period of the agreement.

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Under this scheme, you have exclusive use of a vehicle for a set period of time.  Monthly repayments include VAT, a proportion of which can be reclaimed provided that you are VAT registered.  Monthly repayments can be kept low by including an initial payment, a final "balloon" or lump sum payment, or by extending the term of the lease.

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Sale & Leaseback

Do you own a fleet of vehicles?  If you are looking to release valuable capital tied up in a fleet of vehicles, We  can arrange to purchase and leaseback your fleet.  You retain control and use of the vehicles, but release the capital for more vital use within your company

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